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We did skate and chase girls on skates and off course we were showing off a little. We were guys from former Czechoslovakia after all. And game of ice hockey runs in our blood. So ice skating was our strong side. Anyway, it was easy to meet some girls this way.

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I would make it home every Friday night way after 1 AM and crash. I worked here as a mover. Old fashioned mover who carries heavy pieces of furniture and boxes up and down the stairs. I learned right the first day that you are supposed to wear deodorant, to avoid the body odors from customers, so they tip you well. And almost always we were completely soaked in sweat from running up and down with boxes and armoires, wrestling them through tiny round staircases of San Francisco old buildings without elevators.

I used to be a competitive rower back is Slovakia and physical preparation was very hard. Moving was so much more real and harder. And especially longer. No pretty clothes, no admirers, just some customers freaking out about not braking some of their favorite piece of furniture. It was the whole day of mulling heavy peaces. It was the real life competitive sport. Pay was good, we moved always at the different place.

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It was challenging. And my coworkers were great — mostly fresh emigrants barely speaking any English. We were at the same boat, at the same stage of life and that was connecting us. And I was happy to have a job that can cover my rent and some cash for occasional party. Life was simple and good!

Weekend moving jobs were the biggest. I would move furniture for hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Considering the night before partying and not really sleeping, I performed very well at the job. Sometimes we finished a big move on midnight on Saturday and started early in the morning on Sunday. I became a favorite mover to work with.

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  4. Is that really a compliment? I would carry twice as much of stuff on the move as my partners did. Anyway, I was 25 years old. You can do things like this at Yes, I was a healthy 25 years old fresh emigrant in America. You get away with everything when you are Looking back at my lifestyle, I can point to few terrible things I was doing to my health. But my diet was terrible. It was a typical regular uninformed persons diet, that felt right. I wold wake up in the morning and ate 2 peach yogurts and some sweet cereals first thing. Than I would have a doughnut and coffee with sugar.

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    Lots of sugar. I would always reason than, that sugar is the energy we all need, especially us movers. I wold regularly drink coke with my lunch and snack on candy bars throughout the day. I would eat a ton of bread, pastries, baguettes, bagels and sandwiches.

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    My six pack abs were covered with a layer of fat. But again, I was And you get away with murder when you are It would take another 5 years of eating diet like this. Drinking lots of beer, vodka and vine. Not sleeping and doing just fine. On one winter day after turning 31 I went for a run. And about 10 minuted into it, I fainted and felt on the sidewalk.

    It was dark. Including interval runs in his workout schedule made a noticeable difference. Find out why interval training is so good for weight loss. The 1st week was really tough.

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    In the 2nd and 3rd weeks Hannes already started noticing his fitness level increasing. In the following weeks the workouts started being even more intense to ensure steady progress. Hannes excelled here as well.

    Does this mean he only ate salad? Of course not. Hannes decided to go vegetarian during his week challenge. Winter began half-way through his journey. I needed to focus my mind, so rather than turn to alcohol and food I focused all my energy into the Six Pack Revolution. Thanks to the programme I'm not only in the best shape of my life but also mentally stronger than ever before too.

    The next wave starts in July and sign up closes 5 July. Follow the programme on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. By Lynne Hyland.

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