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A Mayan prophecy fulfilled

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I would have definitely thought that if it was black. It's scary how true this is. Those are rookie numbers! You gotta pump up those numbers! But the book speaks of the Indians being oppressed by the white people after so that the coming of a Great Prophet must be considered to occur at the next turn of the Katun Wheel, which would mean in another years or late in A. The twelfth tun would appear in part of both and , which would be the date of the coming of a Great Prophet "in benign holiness".

To clinch this prophecy Chilam Balam gives another sign by which the coming of One or more who will unite the world shall be known. Thus he says: "Would that he might return to the west, uniting with us in commiseration over our present unhappy plight! This is the fulfillment of the prophecies of Katun 5 Ahau: the pottery jars shall be shattered into dust, when Run 19 arrives! At that time there will be imprisonment among the lords, when the prophecies have come true. There will be vigils in the overburdened katun.

So be it. Many Christians were imprisoned for their Faith, especially during the first two centuries A. The 19th tun of the 5th Katun began in December, It would thus seem evident that if we found a Prophet who proclaimed a world-uniting religion in or in and was imprisoned for this in or , then this would be a proof that this prophecy literally came true. This would also agree in approximate time with the Toltec prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl in the 13th Toltec Era. But the implication is that there would be a coming of two great Prophets one right after the other!

The book also refers to two bearded ones from the East: "One goes forth as ambassador.

Another awakens Itzamna Kauil God of the Heavens in the west. They are bringers of a sign from our Father God: blessings in abundance! It speaks further of the sign, the blessings in abundance: "Yes this sign is your assurance that they come from heaven.

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These sacramental objects of yours, O Itza, these holy things of yours, derive from Kukulkan. Find your holiness in truth and penitence. Find holiness with the people of God. He comes to you from heaven in the drops of rain. It is good, what I say unto you assembled here, O Itza. Let the earth awaken when they tread upon it, and attend, in another katun later on. I repeat my words of divine truth: "I say that the divisions of the earth shall all be one!