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Barsanti e Matteucci. Retrieved 7 November Perini Journal in Italian.

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The University of Pisa claims that its botanical garden was founded in and that of Padua, the Orto Botanico di Padova, was founded in , giving them the oldest garden, Attlee, Helena. Retrieved 5 November Technology and Culture. The Birth of the Codex. London: British Academy. Automotive News. Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 30 October Wall Street Journal.

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Johnston, Page Quite independent of Ferraris, the same discovery was also made by Nikola Tesla , of New York; and since the practical importance of the discovery has been recognized, quite a host of original discoverers have come forward, each claiming to be the first. History for ready reference: From the best historians, biographers, and specialists; their own words in a complete system of history.

Springfield, Mass: The C. Nichols Co.. Retrieved 16 November That system actually allowed hitherto unimaginable uses but it was still too complex, so the ingenious Ferdinando [ Il Tubo Innocenti. Roma: Gangemi. Retrieved 29 October Archivio - la Repubblica. The Clarinet. Cars of Legend: First Cars of History. Jorge Lucendo. Museo Nicolis in Italian. Retrieved 27 October Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit: the Models. Museum of Science and Industry Chicago.

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Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved 17 September Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review. Fax Authority.

Socrate: chi era uno dei più grandi filosofi di tutti i tempi

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Retrieved 13 November Corriere della Sera in Italian. Retrieved 24 October University Equipe in Italian. Retrieved 18 January Bawn Bibcode : Natur. Treccani, l'Enciclopedia italiana in Italian. Italian Journal of Public Health. Finally, it addresses ways in which women fight back and reclaim online spaces, offering practical applications as well as critical analyses. This edited collection therefore addresses a substantial gap in scholarship by bringing together a body of work exclusively devoted to this topic.

With perspectives from a variety of disciplines and geographic bases, the volume will be of major interest to scholars and students in the fields of gender, new media and hate speech. IF … THEN provides an account of power and politics in the algorithmic media landscape that pays attention to the multiple realities of algorithms, and how these relate and coexist. The argument is made that algorithms do not merely have power and politics; they help to produce certain forms of acting and knowing in the world.

In processing, classifying, sorting, and ranking data, algorithms are political in that they help to make the world appear in certain ways rather than others. Drawing on a process-relational theoretical framework and empirical data from field observations and fifty-five interviews, the author demonstrates how algorithms exist in multiple ways beyond code.

The analysis is concerned with the world-making capacities of algorithms, questioning how algorithmic systems shape encounters and orientations of different kinds, and how these systems are endowed with diffused personhood and relational agency. IF … THEN argues that algorithmic power and politics is neither about algorithms determining how the social world is fabricated nor about what algorithms do per se.

Rather it is about how and when different aspects of algorithms and the algorithmic become available to specific actors, under what circumstance, and who or what gets to be part of how algorithms are defined. The era of the smart city has arrived. Only a decade ago, the promise of optimising urban services through the widespread application of information and communication technologies was largely a techno-utopian fantasy.

Today, smart urbanisation is occurring via urban projects, policies and visions in hundreds of cities around the globe.

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Inside Smart Cities provides real-world evidence on how local authorities, small and medium enterprises, corporations, utility providers and civil society groups are creating smart cities at the neighbourhood, city and regional scales. Twenty three empirically detailed case studies from the Global North and South — ranging from Cape Town, Stockholm and Abu Dhabi to Philadelphia, Hong Kong and Santiago — illustrate the multiple and diverse incarnations of smart urbanism.

The contributors draw on ideas from urban studies, geography, urban planning, science and technology studies and innovation studies to go beyond the rhetoric of technological innovation and reveal the political, social and physical implications of digitalising the built environment. Collectively, the practices of smart urbanism raise fundamental questions about the sustainability, liveability and resilience of cities in the future.

The findings are relevant to academics, students, practitioners and urban stakeholders who are questioning how urban innovation relates to politics and place. Four distinct methodological approaches are examined in detail, namely automated social information extraction, social network analysis, social complexity theory and social simulation modeling. The coverage of these approaches is supported by a discussion of the historical context, as well as by a list of texts for further reading.

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Features: highlights the main theories of the CSS paradigm as causal explanatory frameworks that shed new light on the nature of human and social dynamics; explains how to distinguish and analyze the different levels of analysis of social complexity using computational approaches; discusses a number of methodological tools; presents the main classes of entities, objects and relations common to the computational analysis of social complexity; examines the interdisciplinary integration of knowledge in the context of social phenomena.

Best-selling author and cultural critic Jerry Mander has challenged dominant cultural mind-sets in books such as Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television and In the Absence of the Sacred. Those resources are now the direct target of giant global corporations who desperately need them to fuel their own unsustainable growth. The World Trade Organization and other global structures of trade and finance have written the rules of trade to make life easier for these corporate resource-hunters—accelerating the loss of native lands, autonomy, and rights, and creating millions of refugees.

Paradigm Wars comprehensively illuminates this shameful scenario in firsthand reports that detail its devastating impacts. The book also highlights how indigenous communities are strongly resisting the onslaught, often with amazing and inspiring success. Come ci condiziona?

Tenendo in equilibrio le nozioni dell'antica Grecia e quelle della Silicon Valley, l'analisi ragionata e appassionata di Williams fa luce su un aspetto cruciale dell'epoca in cui viviamo. Se, in particolare, trionfa un comunitarismo tecnico?