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Also in the sense of legitimizing its social dispositifs or political conditions, since in the framework of systematic knowledge, i. In the sense of the hidden rule of fixed capital, as a moment of abstract domination, production acts as a quasi-external, objective factor in the pattern of relations cf. This is boring. No, it's not. Within the domesticated plantations of goods, the work and value empires, a perennial festival is dressed, and the guest can not imagine how he or she should get tired of it in a thousand years. In the tropics we return to reason and faith.

There I feel that nothing can befall me in life, which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground, all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part, I am a particle of Nature. I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty.

As bones, as bananas. The greatest delight which the tropics minister is the suggestion of an occult relation between people and the vegetable. Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight, does not reside in nature, but in human, or in a harmony of both. The heat of man or woman labouring under calamity, illuminate the Nature wearing all the colours.

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Die Texte wurden anschliessend bearbeitet, verdichtet und verfremdet. She led the students in a workshop in which they wrote their memoirs, from birth to death, producing a series of semi-fictions: partly invented and partly autobiographical texts probing the boundary between the documentary and fictional registers—between recollection and dramatic imagination. Edited for greater density and added effect, the texts served as the basis for a script used in a subsequent video shoot. The result is a film that bears the hallmarks of a music video.

The one-minute-oracles act as a call to feminist politics of complexity, in search for a joint memory - binding and linking the past, present and future. The oracles have been a fluid practice within Worms since summer in the context of an intense exchange with the artist duo coexistent. The recorded one-minute oracles will be available as documentation in the exhibition, as materials on the Corner College website and on vimeo.

Photo: Ash Tanasiychuk. The project Porosities of a Temporalized Space is a durational performance that plays with time-space possibilities in order to question the way we perceive the chronological time. How can one use the body to temporalize the space or spacialize the time? Possible answers will come with my proposed action: the repetition of gestures. In a defiant way towards the success of such failure driven action, I will subject my body into the gesture repetition exhaustion, and with it I will be open to accidents and its continuous potencial to change the gesture.

I will consider everything around me as stimuli, be it the the city sounds, the architecture and objects within the space. Hence I will consider my body a porous entity, which both accumulates and let go experiences and time-space stimuli. In a subtle way the perfomance will go through changes that will be perceived accordingly to the relation which audience member will create within the time spent with the performance. The juxtaposition of the 2 screens affects the viewer experience and the images in different ways such as echoing, mirroring, or complementing.

Visual stereo hi-fi. The use of distortion lenses during the projection can be applied to invade the projection space beyond the screen's surface. The soundtrack comments and adds new layers to the images involving the audience in a warm tempest of sound. All the 16mm footage used in the performance was shot in studio and locations in south Brazil between and Lyric Tits is a performance that involves the frictional relationship between the movement of the body and the musical instrument theremin.

This instrument has an antenna that emits a vibrational field in the air, where the notes are distributed reacting to the proximity of the body. As the body is shaking, the tits swing randomly, playing the notes in this sound-generating field. The degree of proximity between tits and antenna, combined with the velocity of the movement, generates peaks of variable pitch which result in a strident lyrical song.

It will remain on display throughout the time between the two chapters. Chapter I took place from A text about the work is available in the space, as well as on the website of Corner College. Meeting point at Corner College at h. If you come later, come directly to Kochstrasse 18 entrance from the alleyway between the buildings.

Projection views Left: 3 channel; Right: 2 channel. Built in the s as a futuristic shopping mall, El Helicoide de la Roca Tarpeya, in Caracas, Venezuela, would have been the most state-of-the-art shopping mall of the Americas, with a double helix of vehicular ramps aligned with high-end boutiques, exhibition centers and even a heliport.

But El Helicoide was never finished and has been the site of multiple failed projects including a bus terminal and a cemetery , massive informal occupations and, for the last thirty years, a police headquarters with political prisoners. How the building that was supposed to be the symbol of Venezuela modernity turned instead into one of this country's and modernity's!

Built as a spiraling drive-in mall between and , El Helicoide was never finished.

Geflügelte Worte, Georg Büchmann

Its unique shape and peculiar history of abandonment, failed projects and police occupation make it a global icon of the contradictions of modernity. Photo: Tim Zulauf. In the third event, artists Saman Anabel Sarabi and Alex Wissel are invited to present their curatorial practices and discuss them between themselves and with the audience.

My work has a lot to do with theater in everyday life and how architecture, social roles and a specific atmosphere can be used to influence people habits. Mit u. After his girlfriend left him, Wissel seeks new recognition in the role of a nightlife impresario.

From June to June , artists, with the participation of the audience, throw experimental parties and performances. Thanks to the commitment of everybody involved, to the point of exhaustion, on every club night the basement had a completely new look. The events were used by many to form new art collaborations and music projects.

A Practice grammar of German

From this perspective, the club was a unique stage for experiments in new formats and a catalyst for new bands and collectives. The movie Single by Alex Wissel and Jan Bonny is partly about the short era of the club, which was conceived as an alternative model of public space and a participative social sculpture.

Partly it is the fictive story of a young man who loses contact with reality due to permanent self-staging. One could also see the movie as the continuation of the place by other means. Schalt endlich diese Scheissmusik aus! While we were working as manual labourers alongside our work on stage, our bassist lost his middle finger. Ever since then, we have all played with just four fingers, out of solidarity. Anyone who perseveres to the end has earned the right to pay nothing for it. And now our joke of the week: "What does a reggae fan say to his companion when he has nothing left to smoke?

Holger Saarmann - Chronik (Old News)

Do switch off that crap music! The deeper you get, the more you find yourself in a strangely working world with its own logic and language, in which you have to adapt yourself and learn the proper vocabulary. Contrary to the Wonderland, the Art World is visible to the outside of it and some objects even become general knowledge. Keine exegese. Was aber ist dann mit der wirklichkeit des rauschens?

No exegesis. For it would seem to me, with respect to the NBA project, to be an opportunity forgone if we did not put ourselves in the shoes of the author of your letter, and allow the question to arise: what is this? Disturbance, or information that cannot be deciphered?

There lies a similarity to silliness. But what about the reality of the noise? A transition in the possibilities of surprise.

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Sat Sunday, 10 July at h: Artist Talks, presentations and discussion.